All actors beginning 'P' and their age in movies

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Actors: P

Paddy Considine

Pamela Anderson

Pamela Reed

Parker Posey

Patricia Arquette

Patricia Clarkson

Patrick Dempsey

Patrick Stewart

Patrick Swayze

Patrick Warburton

Patrick Wilson

Patton Oswalt

Paul Bettany

Paul Dano

Paul Giamatti

Paul Newman

Paul Reiser

Paul Rudd

Paul Walker

Paula Patton

Penelope Ann Miller

Penélope Cruz

Pete Postlethwaite

Peter Boyle

Peter Coyote

Peter Cushing

Peter Dinklage

Peter Facinelli

Peter Gallagher

Peter Sarsgaard

Peter Stormare

Philip Baker Hall

Philip Seymour Hoffman

Pierce Brosnan

Piper Perabo

Powers Boothe

Priscilla Presley